Alarm clock for sleeping subscribers

We will be waking up sleeping subscribers with a gift. To make the newsletter more effective, directly in the header of the letter put information what a customer should be expecting for inside. The most effective words are “gift” or “free.” However, do not give a bonus directly in the text of the letter, offer to visit the website page and get a gift. This action will allow a sleeping client to immediately change his or her status to active. In the body of the letter, tell your customer about the offer period. Do not rush subscribers, give them a thought for at least a week. Then do not forget to clarify the purpose of the gift, write frankly - you would like the client to evaluate your product and make an independent decision to continue cooperation in the future. Do not forget that the gift should be valuable. If you provide services via the Internet, give a month for free use of the service. If you sell a product, send a sampler, let this action be like a large-scale advertising campaign. After all, the people to whom you will send a gift have already shown their loyalty to you and have become subscribers. Come up with some interesting ideas to surprise customers in a good way, and they will not remain in debt, a certain percentage of them will return to active consumption status.