Feng Shui subscription form

If you set a goal to build a subscriber base, then optimization of the subscription form is necessary. What needs to be done for the form to work? 1. Which headline precedes the subscription form? A banal phrase "subscribe to our company’s news"? Who needs this news? In the title, offer users something interesting on your topic. For example, if you are promoting the services of a plastic surgeon, suggest finding out “Secrets of rehabilitation after face plastics”. Do not forget that then you must send these “secrets” in a series of letters, and these should be really worthwhile advice. 2. Avoid people from having to fill out a large subscription form - do not try to collect any other data besides the email address. 3. Make a subscription in a contrast way against the background of other elements on the website. 4.If you already have a subscription base, display under the subscription form the number of people who trust you and read tips by email. 5. You can also display information that you guarantee not to transfer the user’s information to third parties. 6. The button in the form must contain a call for a specific action: “Get”, “Subscribe”, “Download”, etc.