How to announce promotion in 3 Internet mailings

How to approach a client with your special offer? First, the offer should be interesting, otherwise it is not worth of starting a promotion. Second, it is necessary to promote a product, starting from its practical use, which should be claimed about before you start offering something. Make a series of useful letters on the product. Do not include advertising into these letters. In the third letter you can put the offer announcement: tell about the idea of the offer on behalf of the company’s employee. Here you can also offer your opinion to customers, for example, what kind of discount they want to receive. At this point, the customer base will split into two groups: active for those who responded to the previous letter and “sleeping” for those who did not give a feedback. In the next letter we will address the second group, directly asking why they were not interested in the offer. Next, we launch the offer, necessarily indicating time period for it and send this letter to those who previously expressed their opinion about the preferred details of the special offer.