User email subscription form: where is its place on the website?

There are several placement options, and all have different conversions. We recommend using several to reach a larger percentage of the target audience. Make sure you test the selected positions and methods; if the conversion is extremely low, the form should be removed from the website. On the information site you can use the sidebar of the menu, right below the header, as well as the end of each article. If you are absolutely sure that the content is really useful and interesting, then try more aggressive method - a pop-up window or a page that opens after leaving the site. On a commercial website, a pop-up window is recommended to be used only on non-selling pages, for example, in a corporate blog, if you are moving ahead with publications according to the content marketer's plan. Try to place a subscription form also under the cards with goods. For this purpose, use phrases such as " Notify me of the maximum discount on the goods". Customers who are already making a purchase usually treat subscription loyally, so invite them to subscribe. Another way to get new subscribers is to make advertisement on the partners’ websites. When buying advertising, agree to place the form of a subscription instead of placing a banner. You need to think carefully then which text to put there.