Which e-mails your competitors send?

For sure you know your competitors very well and have visited their websites. Now do something completely extraordinary: sign up to your competitors’ e-mails. This step will immediately clarify the question of how business rivals tend to cope with email marketing. Perhaps most of them do not use this way for promotion, and you will have a chance to stand out from the masses. But if there is mailing, be sure to start monitoring it. Every single detail is important, up to the schedule of receiving the letters. Carefully analyze the content that competitors send in letters to customers. Pay attention to the percentage of advertising content in them. Now analyze online non-profit sites on your business topic. For example, if you sell kitchen sets, search for information resources that help you choose furniture, take care of it, etc. Subscribe to the mailings of these sites also to analyze what current issues do content marketers use in their emails to keep the user's attention. After collecting and analyzing all this information, launch your own newsletter. Do not even think of making a copy-paste of  any information from the competitors’ websites, try to find your unique style of presenting information, pick up your own series of letters that would be interesting to those who visit your website and  will subscribe to your newsletter.