Will there be a revolution in business promotion in social networks?

Some companies, namely Snapchat and Facebook, are developing a strategy which will allow users to access online stores directly from their pages without going to the merchant sites. Extensive opportunities for this are expected from the Instant Articles software which is being implemented. Its functionality provides viewing of information from your site without going to an external link directly in the social network. It is still too early to assess the consequences of this mechanism for the advertising and content promotion strategy for your products and web resources. All questions should be resolved literally in the coming year. The main problem marketers name is a possible decrease in the activity of buyers directly on commercial sites. They can become just a kind of free add on to social networks. Nobody can predict for sure how the owners and users of online stores will react to such a phenomenon. The main danger that businessmen see in this strategy is a high probability of a decrease in search traffic. A compromise can only be found if the owners of social networks and search engines find a cooperation option acceptable to both parties.