Drupal CMS vs Bitrix

The 1C-Bitrix engine is a popular CMS among business customers. Entrepreneurs and companies are attracted by the individual capabilities of this system, and especially by integration with 1C. However, in a detailed analysis, it can be noted that this engine has much more disadvantages. Not only is 1C-Bitrix a paid system, but it is seriously inferior to some free engines. For example, Bitrix loses to the Drupal system. If we compare the two engines, then the disadvantages of a paid CMS will be very obvious: — Bitrix is heavier, while the code for the Drupal system is almost perfect. This means that a site made on CMS Drupal will work better and load faster; — Drupal has several good manuals in Russian, so it can be fully mastered, 1C-Bitrix does not have such instructions;  — website development on Drupal allows you to create unique projects: the system has many free modules. The competitor has no such number of modules;  — Drupal is better developed since enthusiasts work on its functionality. The system is supplemented and improved for specific needs not for money. Bitrix is devoid of the enthusiasts’ support. The last drawback of the Bitrix system is the high cost.