Which CMS is most suitable for beginners?

Let’s study the level of knowledge that the user needs in order to perform modelling of own resource using a free self-help engine. For the clarity of the experiment, a group of total beginners was chosen - users who had never dealt with the creation of sites. In their opinion, the level of complexity is as follows: - WordPress, - Joomla, - Drupal. It turned out that Drupal is much more difficult to install, and it requires more basic knowledge to fully customize. After some time working with each of the engines and improving in programming, the engines were listed in the reverse order. The reason is that Drupal has more options for experiments. WordPress is great for bloggers, and originally it was developed for their needs. It has pre-integrated self-tuning navigation system that automatically generates links between pages. Joomla has more components that work independently from each other and from the main engine. Sites on this CMS are easier to scale without losing logical connections. It is ideal for multipage resources. Drupal turned out to be more flexible. But again the settings require at least an initial level of knowledge.