FourSquare as a business promotion tool

The widespread development of wearable devices and the creation of their own software inevitably led to the popularity of social networks optimized for the technical capabilities of modern smartphones. While VKontakte, Twitter and Facebooks are only adjusting their own versions for i-Phone and other devices, FourSquare has begun to gain popularity. Initially, this tool was designed to provide entertainment services and information, giving details about users’ location. As a result, the network was quickly noticed by marketers who opened a lot of new opportunities for business promotion. The network provides information about your stay in a place and offers information about those establishments that are located within your reach. Cunning business sharks took this excellent opportunity to offer the ordinary people current information about themselves. Today, you can easily find out about the menu in the cafes and restaurants closest to you, get acquainted with information about promotions in retail outlets, and clarify the availability of cinemas. When adding your friends, you agree to the automatic distribution of information about the places you visit and then you can exchange data with each other. In turn, business structures are gaining popularity by charging users with “check-in” icons, which increase the popularity rating of specific objects. An additional advantage of such chek-in is sending information to Twitter and Facebook, where it becomes available to all Internet users.